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"I want to help others to make the right data-driven decisions."

I am a PhD student with 10 years of experience in Fintech, a M.S. from The University of Liverpool and a B.S. from New York University.
Certified in: ITIL, PMP, and Six Sigma

My Skills

Icon for Business Analytics Business Analytics
Let's use the right algorithms to pull the most insight and drive the optimal decisions for your company or organization.
Icon for Machine Learning Machine Learning
Get more value from your data with prediction models and machine learning techniques, such as by predicting behavior or targeting the right customer.
Icon for Network Analysis Social Network Analysis
Understanding how elements of your data influence each other using graph theory.
Icon Project Management Project Management
Delivering your IT project at scope, on time, and under budget.
Icon for Big Data Big Data
Together we can find the best way to manage the Volume, Variety and Velocity of your data.
Icon for Finance Finance
I have saved companies over $1,000,000 in residual income through cost assurance analysis.

Responsive Testimonials


Yegor Ius Head of DevOps at Enigma Technologies, Inc.

I know Matthew as a dear friend. He's got a great personality, flexible and friendly. His interpersonal skills are second to none, as he can hold his own with a wide variety of different individuals. Most importantly, Matt is always willing to look into different careers path. He will surely succeed in all of them, as he is not afraid of a challenge.


Mike Barnes Mechanical Engineer at Jacobs

Matthew is an expert in his field. Whether it is problem solving or assisting in projects, Matthew goes above and beyond what is asked of him without losing sight of his own objectives.


Iram Baez Capital Markets System Engineer at Wells Fargo Securities

Matthew is extremely creative and articulate. He is a highly intelligent individuals whom I thoroughly recommend.

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